Precisie balans PM 10.5Y

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Radwag PM 10.5Y

  • Weegbereik: 10.0 kg
  • Aflezing: 0.01 g
  • Weegplateau: 185 x 200 mm
  • IJkwaardig, CE keuring meebestellen



Fast and Stable Measurement
It only takes a second for the balance to display the final measurement result.

Weighing Heavy Loads with High Accuracy

On the large weighing pan of a PM balance, you can weigh a load of 120 kg with a readability of 0.2 g and second-to-none repeatability.

Minimum Eccentricity Error Over the Entire Range

PM balances can be used to determine the mass of irregularly shaped components with a centre of gravity that is significantly shifted from the weighing pan axis.

Parameter Stability Over Time and After Transport

The mechanical design is resistant and robust, allowing you to maintain the correct metrological parameters after transport and despite long and intensive use.

Weighing Pan Dimensions Adapted to the Accuracy of the Balance

Weigh with the highest readability of 0.01 g on the 200 x 185 mm weighing pan and with a readability of 0.2 g on the 500 x 400 mm weighing pan.





New, lmproved 


The new, taller and larger  



enables the best repeatability and speed

in its class of weighing platforms.

De Functies

De Technische eigenschappen

  • Voeding: netadapter
  • Interface: USB-A ×2, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®, Hotspot
  • 4 in- en uitgangen (digitaal)
  • Kalibratie: intern automatisch
  • Stabilisatie tijd: 3 sec
  • Werktemperatuur: +10 °C tot + 40 °C
  • Aflezing: 5" Touchscreen scherm met achtergrondverlichting


  • Barcode scanner.
  • Tweede display WD-5
  • Etiketten printer.
  • Anti-vibratie tafel
  • R-LAB (extended) computer software
  • Alibi Reader computer software




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