GRAM Qubic One

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  • Weegbereik: 150 kg
  • Aflezing: per 20 g
  • Weegplateau: 800 x 600 mm


Volume and weight measurement machine
with 3D Xtrem® technology

  • The QUBIC One measuring device is an advanced system for contactless measuring of the volume of packages, with precision and at high speed, for companies with a large number of packages. The measurement process takes less than a second, without having to position the object in the measurement area.

  • Qubic One is a very robust device, with its receptor plate, integrated weighing system and ball bearings to help packages slide quickly and conveniently along its surface. It is easily integrated into the parcel control area and has a quick start-up.


De Technische eigenschappen

Mean reading error8 mm
Dimension measurement capacityCalculated per cone (1)
Weight measurement unitskg
Weight capacity150 kg
Weight resolution20 g
Data display and processingWindows 10 integrated PC with 15” touch screen
ConnectivityEthernet, USB
Power220V 50 Hz
Working temperature5 – 40ºC
Structure and columnLacquered steel
Measurement platformAISI 304 stainless steel with 22 mm diameter ball bearings
Dimension measurement technology3D camera with infrared
Weight measurement technologySensor with digital Xtrem module
Free height measurement area (mm)1300
Measurement area dimensions (mm)800 x 600
Total dimensions (mm)800 x 1703 x 865
Net weight (kg)95
Packaging dim.1010 x 920 x 450
Total weight with packaging (kg)115



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