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Uitgebreid softwarepakket voor diverse Radwag laboratorium weegschalen.

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E2R Moisture analyzer - functions:

  • Acquiring data from a moisture analyzer and saving them in MS SQL database:
  • On-line operation allows real-time monitoring of drying processes in progress, from any PC,
  • On-line previewing drying process status, including:
    • Current mass in grams,
    • One of the current results:
      (moisture content %M, dry content %D, moisture/dry %R, mass in grams, percentage graph %M),
    • Current temperature,
    • Drying order status,
    • Start date and time of a drying process,
    • Drying time,
    • Date and time of recording measurements into database,
    • and
    • Start mass;
    • End mass;
    • Final result;
    • Drying mode;
    • Temperature of a drying order;
    • Type of order finish mode order.
  • On-line previewing data on current measurements and drying results:
    • Date and time of carried out measurement;
    • Total mass;
    • Current result;
    • Printout measuring unit.
  • On-line generating of graphs related to drying time:
    • Mass;
    • Result;
    • Temperature.
  • Access to reports generated by a moisture analyzer;
  • Support and simultaneous monitoring of 16 moisture analyzers;
  • Automatic establishing connection between moisture analyzers with a database after PC start up (working as OS service);
  • Moisture analyzers can be connected through multiport RS 232 card or Ethernet/RS232 converter within Ethernet network
  • Data and records filters, grouping and sorting of orders and single measurements;
  • Records of reports and graphs:
    • Selected order record;
    • Overall comparison of results.
  • Definable access levels for software users;
  • Multilanguage interface of each system component;
  • Graphical interface customization: individual reports and graphs templates;
  • Operation in Ethernet network

Minimum hardware requirements:

PC specification:

  • Processor 2 GHz
  • RAM 1 GB
  • OS MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Minimum of 5 GB HDD free space


Compatibility with weighing instruments:

Software E2R Moisture analyzer cooperates with moisture analyzers MAX series with firmware version 44 and higher.


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